News wing of the Jedi Republic capitol on Coruscant.
How to be a reporter for the Jedi Republic Star
Published on October 5, 2003 By Jedi_Master_Yoda In Blogging
Ok, after much trial and error, I think I have it figured out. In order to provide stories for the Jedi Republic's news blog, you must create your own blog (mine is then you come here ( to the Jedi Republic Star site and click "Join my Blog Group" --->>>

I currently have it set to private so when you join, the site will send me an email that will allow me to confirm your membership.

After that, you can write blogs full of news from your home page ( and I believe I can "Feature" any of those stories on Jedi Republic Star. On each news story you write I have the option (its in a drop down box) to feature the story on the front page of the Jedi Republic Star site. Also, you can categorize your stories based on a number of catagories. For example, I wrote a story on the Jedi Council Elections and categorized it as "Politics" etc.

Have fun Junior Jedi Journalists!
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